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Previsualization in the field.

When you consider the bodies of work from photographers like Adams, Weston and Rowell you see two distinct types of images: those that are previsualized and those that are not. Both approaches can yield outstanding photographs, but the approaches behind the lens could not be more different. With careful attention to detail as you pass through the landscape you can become adept at both.

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Why the Nikon D850?

Photographers have many brands to choose from today, with models from each brand capable of producing excellent photographs. The latest digital SLR and mirrorless offerings from SONY, Nikon, Canon, FUJI, Pentax and Olympus are all outstanding. Those wishing to upgrade their camera or step into something more substantial beyond their cell phone camera are doing so at a golden period of time. The Nikon D850 is not for every photographer, but it currently stands out among its peers as a tool in landscape photography for several reason.

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