Adirondack Council

Honored today to be published on the Adirondack Council’s BLOG as a guest writer. Although I am not particularly fond of writing about myself, I am pleased with the way it came out and my explanation of what my personal mission is through photography. Nature’s Sake is not just a business name for me, it embodies what I am trying to do. Using my photographic art as a means to raise awareness for the natural world, raise awareness for the wild places I like to photograph and to help raise some revenue to help support the groups that work to protect these areas.

One can no longer expect to experience wilderness without contributing back to it in some way. Its to fragile and its too threatened here in the United States. Whether contributing back is helping others to experience wilderness in a sustainable way, leaving less trace by picking up any garbage you find along the way or by directly contributing organizations that work to protect wilderness. Any and every effort makes a difference for the common good.

So thank you for all your interest in my work and in my efforts to help support conservation! Get out and explore and reach out in some way to help protect the wild places we all love to enjoy.

James Rodewald